Meanwhile, the numerical simulation in the fields of heat treatment and welding is ready for industrial application and offers a future-oriented and innovative working area for engineers in research and practice.

Intensive research has been carried out in these areas over the last few years to numerically depict the behavior of materials and components during machining

The increasing interest in numerical simulation has a significant economic aspect. For a quick implementation of efficient production technologies in practice, a deeper understanding of the handling of new materials and new processing technologies is necessary today.

For this purpose, current research results from the fields of heat treatment and welding will be presented. In addition, experience in the numerical simulation of heat treatment and welding processes using simulation software is reported.

The Simulation Forum Welding and Heat Treatment enables the interested trade visitors from industry and research to exchange experiences. Thus, it is possible to get acquainted with the achieved level of development and introduce new topics of heat treatment and welding, to discuss and point out areas of application.

Once again this year, we would like to acknowledge outstanding student work in the field of welding and heat treatment simulation through an advancement award. Here you get information on this topic.

We invite you to the

Simulation Forum Welding and Heat Treatment 2019

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