03.11.2020 Wissen / Sieg, Germany

Theme-specific event: Simulation of welding processes

Location: TIME, Koblenzer Straße 43, 57537 Wissen / Sieg

Organiser: Technologie-Institut für Metall & Engineering GmbH (TIME), DynaWeld GmbH & Co. KG

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Simulation of welding processes

From a process engineering point of view, welding is a demanding process, as well as personnel-intensive and resource-intensive, which is also associated with a lot of emissions. On the other hand, digitization continues to advance. For some time now, welding processes have been simulated realistically. It can be used to demonstrate many welding phenomena and to make production-relevant predictions.

Goldak VrWeld

DynaWeld and TIME are committed to the industrial application of welding simulation. Based on the data available in the welding company, such as the WPS and the welding process plan, the welding distortions can be accurately predicted and suggestions for an optimized welding sequence and clamping concepts can be shown on the computer.


In addition, there are a variety of welding issues that can be solved efficiently with modern software. For example, residual stress states can be analysed, microstructure and microstructure of the weld seam and WEZ can be determined, or critical temperature states can be analysed and improved.

The workshop is intended to give an overview of the various possible uses of welding simulation and to inform about their benefits.

Even smaller welding companies can benefit from the savings potential of the virtual methods and improve their efficiency and economy.




Eintreffen und Anmeldung




Was ist eine Schweißsimulation und welchen Nutzen hat sie



Welche Vorhersagegenauigkeit liefert die Schweißsimulation?


Einsparpotentiale bei Nutzung der Schweißstruktursimulation,
eine Abschätzung



12:45 TIME – Laborführung TIME
13:30 Vorhersage von Spaltbildung beim Schweißen, simulative
Absicherung des Spann- oder Heftkonzeptes
13:50 Wärmeführung und Werkstoffwahl, ist eine Vorwärmung
wirklich notwendig?
14:10 Wie kann die Simulation die Fertigungszeit beschleunigen? DynaWeld
14:30 Softwarelösungen für die Schweißsimulation DynaWeld
14:50 Diskussion
15:20 Ende der Veranstaltung

target group

• welding supervisors
• Engineers and designers
• Operations manager
• technical and commercial management

Participation fee including meals
EUR € 120

Registration deadline: October 28nd, 2020

Technologie-Institut für Metall & Engineering GmbH (TIME)
Koblenzer Str. 43
57537 Wissen/ Sieg
phone +49 2742 / 91272-0 Fax +49  2742 / 91272-22 email: info@time-RLP.de

or via the following registration form:

Cancellation fees:
For cancellations made after October 28th, 2020 inclusive, we will charge 100% of the participation fee